"I don't understand Social Media. Is it worth my time to learn about them? How can things like facebook and twitter possibly help my business? It seems like it's all just a waste of time."

Do you feel this way now? I'm here to help clarify and open your mind to the unique possibilities available to us now through Social Media.

The "Customer is King", right?

So what are your customers saying about your industry...your company...you?

Are you in the conversation?

You know what to listen for to give a great referral, right?

Well, people are right now communicating to the world their needs, wants and goals.

Are you in the conversation?

Build Your Network.

Build Your Presence.

Build Your Business.

Take a breath...It's doable. Just take it a little bit at a time.

I'll help you get started.

- Jenifer Anseth

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Two Point "Oh, Now I Get It" - Sessions Now Available

Session Goals:

This program was created to help my network of friends to understand the power and potential of the 2.0 world and utilize it's variety of relationship tools to:

a.) Communicate with your existing client base quickly with news and updates.
b.) Promote and develop yourself as the "expert" in your industry and increase your brand and awareness.
c.) Monitor and interact with people that are talking about you and your company.
d.) Create buzz about upcoming events and specials.
e.) Watch and listen for referral opportunities and to help grow your BNI chapter and/or network.

...using blogs, e-newsletters, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, local directories, keyword alerts, and more...to

Listen * Share * Engage * Monitor

My sessions are priced competitively, kept concise to respect your time, and geared towards those just venturing into the 2.0 world - or those who have perhaps dabbled a bit but need a better understanding to help guide their efforts and make the tools more useful.

Session Options and Pricing

Individual Sessions

You'd like to sit down for a one-on-one training, either at your office or at a convenient location (with wi-fi) within the Phoenix Metro. Completely customized training for your particular needs, desired applications and skill level. Have your computer (and/or laptop) and mobile device available.

Pricing: $35/per hr

Add On - Invite a friend and pay only $15 additional/per hr Split the fee to save money!

Notes: All Sessions are minimum 1 hour. Advanced reservations required for all sessions and payment is due by cash or check at time of service.